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        Our Solution to Sustainability


        Today, fashion emits more carbon pollution combined than that of international flights and maritime shipping. In an effort to reduce this environmental harm, we wanted to produce a more mindful collection that includes thoughtfully sourced materials. To dive into this endeavor, it seemed fitting to begin with our watch collection. For most this is an item worn daily, equal parts reliable and fashionable.

        “We approached this with our hearts first, knowing the importance of being gentle with ourselves, each other, and our planet.”

        As we embarked on our Considered Collection, we anchored ourselves in the following ideals: Genuity, Thoughtfulness, Cultivation, and Community. From there we carefully curated the materials that would be included. Right from the start, we knew all styles need to be powered by a solar battery. From there we included innovative materials such as bioplastics made from sugar derivatives and natural fibers, leather derived from fruits, and cork which is harvested without harm.

        “Our goal is improvement, on both a personal and product level. We hope to inspire change, enlightenment, and growth.”